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We Are Trailblazing SEO and Digital Marketing In Essex Right Now. Endorsed By The Female Lead and Digital Women, Rated 5 Star And Held Closely By All Our Clients, We Are Sierra Six Media, And We Are Here To Win Online Space For Your Business.

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International SEO results. Sierra Six Media SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Essex.

ROI centered

We report directly on ROI. We setup conversion tracking, attribution modelling and path analysis in the first week of any campaign or project. We know that 'driving traffic' isn't good enough; we need customers to convert.

Female led SEO agency in Essex, Sierra Six Media. DIgital Marketing team.


The majority of our team and senior positions are women. Considering only 26% of the digital industry are females, this is just one way we're making waves. We mentor young women and offer work placements too.

Alice Baker and Jade Barrtholomew, Sierra Six Media founding members.

Attention to detail

A young and determined team, we pay great attention to detail. We use AI to set performance formulas to keep our standards meticulously high. We have the agility to make real changes to your online acquisition model.

7 things to note about LinkedIn stories - Sierra Six Media, SEO agency Essex.

Expert Guidance

We deliver seminars to Uni's, schools, and businesses throughout the UK. We attract attention from governing bodies through our client results and ambitious attitude. We also advise digital strategy for two non-profits.



Snoopy and SIERRA SIX

We were hired to work alongside PEANUTS to deliver the digital launch of their new range of Snoopy-designed children’s shoes, in conjunction with Young Soles.


Increase in Sales

From July 17th to September 17th Young Soles saw almost double the number of sales of the previous period.


Increase in AOV

Average order value up by nearly 15% across the website with the Snoopy shoes a popular choice.


Influencer Reach

Across popular influencers posts on instagram from July to September

e-Commerce SEO and Digital PR case study: Young Soles X Peanuts. Sierra Six Media, Digital marketing agency Essex.

Did you know that 99.22% of Google users won’t click on the 2nd page of search results?
That reason alone is why marketing is important.

  • Search engine optimisation increases your visibility on search engines, getting you ranking higher for related search queries. This generates an increase in leads, sales, and brand awareness.
  • pay per click ad campaigns push you straight to the top of relevant search queries with a measurable and trackable performance, whether its Google Ads, Bing Ads or display and remarketing ads. Plus with quicker results than SEO, you’re guaranteed an increase in traffic and sales.
  • Web design gives you full ownership of a brand new website built to generate sales, combine this with an SEO campaign to optimise your web copy and you’ll be laughing

Business has moved on from the traditional 7 P’s of marketing. In order to grow, businesses MUST understand the importance of an online strategy and how this shapes their brand in today’s market. Being online gives your brand a voice, a chance to communicate your vision to your audience. 30 years ago, this would have been a luxury.

Without knowing your numbers, it’s impossible to grow your business. our team will work with you to read and interpret data to guide you on digital advancement. With a superb understanding of how to utilise the data, we send out monthly reports with suggestions of how we can continue to achieve incredible results for your business.

SEO is an active marketing channel. People who search for a product or service on an active channel, such as Google, are more likely to convert than people who are targeted when they’re sat on the sofa watching tv, scrolling their social media – we all know how annoying these ads can be! SEO creates a continual stream of converting, measurable traffic.

You see, on Google and Bing, people know what they’re searching for, and they’re ready to purchase. In fact, SEO traffic has nearly 20% higher conversion rate than any other channel!

The only trouble is, most companies still aren’t there to meet their customers. It’s not uncommon to hear that companies have been burnt with previous freelancers or agencies and are scared to enter the realm of SEO again. The truth is, we do exist, and we do get truly life-changing results. We’ve worked with clients who have gone from turning over £2,000 a month online to becoming multi-million businesses within two years, using SEO alone.

SEO is paramount to the long term sustainability of any business.
If you’re building a business to last, to be passed down generations or to sell-on, SEO is essential to your overall business operations; it helps to secure future success and adds great value at sale stage.
Using SEO techniques you appear higher in search results, yielding an increase in website traffic.

Search engine optimisation is referred to as playing the long game. It’s like buying a house rather than renting one. Rather than renting ad-space, you purchase real estate on search engines, and this delivers long term ROI, brand building and reputation management. Some client’s see results within a month and some in a year.

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