ASOS have acquired Arcadia’s closed business, Topshop, and boy are their SEO team working in overdrive. In just a matter of days, ASOS have gained position one ranking for the brand term alone ‘Topshop’, capitalising on the thousands of organic search for this hot-topic and ahead of the exact match domain. Impressive stuff.

Research by Sierra Six Media, SEO Agency Essex
ASOS dominating the keyword search of ‘Topshop’
Research by Sierra Six Media, SEO Agency Essex
Topshop trending term on Google Trends

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a web facility where you can view the latest trends, data, and visualisations. It uses real-time data to help you analyse the search history of specific brands, keywords, competitors and more. You can also see trending stories of any country on the basis of business, entertainment, health, sci/tech, sports, etc. Plus the keywords that are trending in your country right now.

Research by Sierra Six Media, SEO Agency Essex
UK trending topics on Google Trends


Let me explain how that works.


Research by Sierra Six Media, SEO Agency Essex
Related keywords on Google Trends

You can view a topic / keyword’s interest over time going all the way back to 2004 and the interest over sub-regions this means that you can really focus your work on where and what topics are most popular. Under the same search you can also find related topics and queries, this gives you the chance to explore related areas of interest and the opportunity to include keywords in your work that you may not have thought of.



Research by Sierra Six Media, SEO Agency Essex
Related queries on Google Trends

A big feature to look out for on Google Trends is ‘breakout terms’ and any term with a number at / close to 100 next to it, these are search terms and keywords that are extremely popular right now. Be sure to watch them.





Take Full Advantage of Google Trends For Your Business To Achieve Amazing SEO


#1  The Best Keywords For Blog Posts

You can choose the best keywords which have high search rates and increase your website traffic and visitors almost immediately.


#2 Be Updated And Aware Of The Latest Trends

As a digital company it’s always smart to be aware of trending topics, so by using Google Trends you can keep up to date with what’s trending around the world and create relative content.


#3 Keep Track Of Competitors

Using Google Trends you can monitor the position of competitors, which keywords they are gaining traffic from and any negative topics trending about them.


#4 Monitor The Performance of Your Own Website / Brand

You can type your own website into Google Trends and monitor the information under interest over time and regions. You can also see topics/queries related to your brand that people are searching for and use these to your advantage in your content.


#5 Areas Of High Interest For Keywords

Knowing regions with high interest in certain keywords can work in your favour when creating effective ad campaigns. If a campaign is targeted towards a specific location you can see what is trending in the area and use those keywords to boost your ad reach.


Combine all of this with your other SEO and keyword techniques and your website traffic will sky-rocket, especially in the hands of the right SEO agency?

Alice Baker, Digital Marketing Executive, Sierra Six Media