About bloody time.

Behind Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, Linked In has finally rolled out stories, allowing people and brands to share updates around the clock.

Let’s cut to the chase:

#1 They’re here to stay. Get used to them, start viewing them, start posting them. Just LOOK at this growth across other platforms when stories were released.


#2 The sooner you get on-board with stories, the more advantage you’ll have

#3 You need the latest version of the app on your phone to use Linked In stories


#4 They’re available for individuals and brands (people get more engagement than brands though)

#5 You can only post Linked In stories from the mobile app


#6 You can add stickers and questions, like Facebook and IG, but they’re all work focused. I can’t wait for the donation button to launch, to help raise money for non-profits in this space. Dreamy.


#7 Linked in stories can be incorporated into a professional marketing strategy


4 ways you can use Linkedin Stories as part of your corporate marketing strategy

  1. With ‘snackable’ size pieces of content, nothing has to be perfect. In fact, film a few seconds behind the scenes of unedited content and share your authenticity with your target audience. Doing a site survey? Show us your challenges. Having a PR meeting? Give us a hint what you’re up to.
  2. Give thought leaders some light. If you work in finance and your company are hiring, ask your HR team to share some tips on how to improve your CV to land a finance job. It won’t take long and you may even save a few ££££’s in recruiter fees.
  3. Share corporate updates. People love to be nosey. If you’re one of the first to market on Linkedin stories, you’re going to get some great reach so make the most of it and share what you’re up to. It can take a long time to get a newsletter together, try snapping a short video instead.
  4. Give senior management a face. They’re often stuck at the top, faceless, because everything that involves PR or marketing takes up too much of their time or they struggle to see value. Snap them on your corporate story and tell the world your business is also run by humans and not robots in white shirts and blue suits.
  5. Corporate Q&A’s – a great way to build your brand and brand affinity. Ask your audience to submit questions through DM first and get talking to your audience, real-time, about the questions they want answered!

I hope this helps. Feel free to get in touch with any questions through my DM’s and I’ll aptly reply on to you on my personal Linkedin stories and tag you!

Jade Bartholomew, Director, Sierra Six Media