Consultation Case study. Sierra Six Media, Digital marketing agency Essex.


Sierra Six Media advise on SEO and website strategy to maximise exposure.

SAVSIM is a non-profit organisation that integrates uniformed veterans alongside law enforcement and conservation teams in wildlife conflict zones. Its mission is to enhance the protection capabilities of those communities to safeguard endangered wildlife, combat illegal poaching activities and support conservation initiatives for future generations. Sierra Six Media sit on the development committee as lead advisors in digital exposure and visibility.

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Media Activation

Sierra Six Media are responsible for delivering expert SEO and PPC advice to SME's across the UK through the network at Media Activation (MA). We stand as the only females on the board as well as the only approved SEO and PPC consultants.

Media Activation is a boutique consultancy that specialises in helping SME clients expand their business and is adopted by 000's of businesses across the country. They provide additional strategic thinking in key areas enabling you to exceed your business aims.

Jade Bartholomews SEO Consultation for Brainz Magazine.


Brainz Magazine is a global digital magazine and media platform. This was a 7-day SEO project, on the ground in Stockholm, establishing a global SEO strategy, setting up new processes, digital engagement strategies, digital asset restructuring and a 6 month SEO plan with actionable tasks.

Branding case study - Change A Child's Life Charity Project. Sierra Six Media Digital marketing agency Essex

Change A Child's Life

Sierra Six Media were responsible for creating branding for this children's charity.