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Sierra Six Media, SEO agency networks: Savsim

SAVSIM is a non-profit organisation

Alice Baker is on the digital marketing team, using her experience from Sierra Six Media to improve website content and boost digital exposure and visibility. Savsim's mission is to enhance the protection capabilities of those communities to safeguard endangered wildlife, combat illegal poaching activities and support conservation initiatives for future generations. .

Sierra Six Media, SEO agency networks: PPC Club 83

Exclusive PPC network born in NYC

PPC Club 83 is a private club of PPC and SEM specialists in which we discuss privately and confidentially complex PPC situations. It is application only and available to only the best talent. Alice Baker, worked with a freelance women from PPC Club 83, supporting women in their digital careers.

Sierra Six Media, SEO agency networks: Bloom

Bloom is a professional network for women in communications

With over 500 members, a mix of mentors and mentees, Bloom is on a mission to ensure women have equal opportunity in the communications industry. By harnessing the power of their real voices, we strive to future-proof women’s careers, spearhead industry change and pay it forward. Alice Baker was mentored by a Bloom Mentor whom assisted with any issues in her career and personal goals.