International SEO

Digital marketing strategy for a Dutch music blog. SEO focused.


Increase in Goal Completion

There was a 2,740% increase in paid Demo Submissions from organic traffic in October 2021 to March 2022 compared to the previous period.


Keywords Improved

104 keyword rankings improved by over 50-100 positions within 11 months.


Position Increase

Multiple keywords on the website have seen an increase of over 99 positions on search results, from not ranking to ranking position 1 on the SERP.


Avg Time On Page

We saw a 1300% increase in average time on page in October 2021 to March 2022 compared to the previous period.


AnR Factory - Music Industry Blog

International SEO case study: We were challenged to improve sign-ups for AnR Factory, with a focus on targeting independent music artists from a vast array of genres. We know we needed:

To increase keyword positioning

Updating website content to focus on keywords and search terms, creating new pages to target specific keywords.

To increase conversion rate

Using SEO to drive traffic to the website and create a quick & easy user experience with the website design to increase sign-ups.

Build a New Sitemap

With the goal to target artists of different music styles we created a sitemap with brand new pages to target those specific genres and updated existing pages to work with the new strategy.

To Increase Internal Linking

To target music genres, such as rnb and hip-hop, meant we had to create new pages with keyword focused content and link to these pages across the site.


Project highlights



We saw a 20% increase in visbility based on the click-through rate in new positions.


Session duration

Session duration increased by 11% - after creating new pages users could navigate the site more easily.


Average Position

33.7 increase in average position across all keywords in the campaign.


Goal Completions

Goal completions by organic traffic increased by 23%