If you’re an avid user of smartphone or computer apps, you must have heard about the latest trend: dark mode. This new feature is being rolled out by various companies and search engines, and it’s now even making its way to websites. Dark mode is the use of a dark colour scheme instead of the traditional light one on an application, website, or digital platform. The objective is to improve readability, reduce eye strain, and provide a visual change. Dark mode is often highly praised by users, claiming it makes it easier to use the web for longer periods without being too harsh on our eyes. In this blog post, we will discuss whether it’s better for your website to have a dark mode or not, how conversion can be impacted by the use of colour, and how the new Bing dark mode can impact user activity.

1. The Psychology Behind Colour and Conversion:

Colours have an impact on human behaviour. They can affect our mood, energy, and even our buying habits. Many businesses spend money on marketing research to pick colour schemes that are scientifically proven to improve conversion rates. When it comes to website design, colours can make or break the user experience. Research shows that if colours are used incorrectly, it can negatively impact conversion. The use of the wrong colours on your website may lead to high bounce rates, low click-through rates, and even a decrease in the user’s perceived value of your brand.

2. How Dark Mode Can Improve Reading Times and Reduce Bounce Rates:

Dark mode is all about improving readability, and reading time is one of the critical parameters when it comes to website design. The longer a user stays on your page, the higher the chance of conversion. Traditional web design often uses a light background, which can be too bright for some users and cause more eye strain. Dark mode provides a comfortable and less intrusive visual experience, making it easier to read and stay on your page longer. Moreover, it has been proven that dark mode can reduce bounce rates as it’s less harsh on the eyes, making the user feel more comfortable and engaged to stay on your site longer.

3. The New Bing Dark Mode and User Activity:

Microsoft recently rolled out dark mode on its search engine, Bing. The rationale was to give users an alternative colour scheme, making their search experience much subtler. The new Bing dark mode has been receiving praise from users since its launch, with users claiming to find it easier on the eyes. The new Bing dark mode is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, making it easier to navigate throughout the page and providing a less invasive visual experience. Subsequently, user activity, like on-page time and low bounce rates, may be affected as users might feel comfortable staying on the website longer with fewer visual distractions.

4. The Bottom Line:

While the use of colour on your website is inherently down to branding and personal preferences, it’s essential to keep usability and conversion in mind. Dark mode can be a fantastic addition to your website especially if your objective is to improve readability, reduce eye strain, and increase on-page time. Achieving those goals can finally lead to a boost in conversion rates. The new Bing dark mode is evidence that the feature is becoming increasingly popular and in demand.

In summary, dark mode can be an excellent addition to your website, especially if you’re looking to improve user retention and engagement, reduce eye strain, and increase conversion rates. Its use, however, should be based on the objective and the brand identity of the website. Companies who choose to use dark mode should consider contrasts, and font size, and test how their audience interacts with the website using both a light and dark mode. With the popularity of dark mode increasing, users might come to expect, and even demand, this feature from websites in the future. Opting for trendier website design options can give businesses a competitive edge, so long as they keep the user’s experience at the forefront of all design decisions.

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