In the intricate realm of search engine optimisation (SEO), comprehending Google’s ranking criteria is paramount for website owners aspiring to enhance their visibility in search results. One factor that has recently commanded considerable attention is Core Web Vitals (CWV). Google’s recent updates and clarifications regarding CWV’s role in ranking systems have ignited discussions and illuminated the importance of optimising web performance.

Google, the search engine behemoth, recently revised its Page Experience Documentation, explicitly acknowledging the significance of Core Web Vitals in its ranking systems. However, what’s intriguing is that Google refrains from explicitly labelling CWV as a ranking factor. This ambiguity has prompted speculation and debate within the SEO community.

The Importance Of Core Web Vitals

Despite the lack of explicit confirmation, insights from Google insiders and statements by key figures provide valuable clues. While notable Googlers tend to avoid the phrase “ranking factor,” discussions have surfaced indicating the relevance of CWV in Google’s ranking algorithms. For instance, John Mueller, a prominent Google spokesperson, acknowledged CWV as a ranking factor in a Reddit post three years ago.


The discussion gained momentum when Google’s SearchLiaison addressed the topic in a series of tweets, emphasising that there is no single “page experience signal” but rather a combination of various signals considered by Google’s core ranking systems. These signals, including CWV, contribute to overall page experience and influence search rankings.

Despite the absence of explicit confirmation, Google’s recent documentation updates provide insight into CWV’s significance. The updated documentation explicitly states that CWV is utilised by Google’s ranking systems. This clarification marks a significant shift from previous statements, signalling a greater emphasis on web performance metrics in search rankings.

Achieving Good Core Web Vitals Scores

However, it’s essential to understand that achieving good Core Web Vitals scores does not guarantee top-ranking positions in search results. Google emphasises that while CWV is a valuable metric for assessing web performance and user experience, it is only one aspect of a broader range of factors considered in search rankings.

Website owners are encouraged to focus on improving Core Web Vitals scores for enhanced user experience and overall site performance. Tools like Google Search Console’s Core Web Vitals report offer valuable insights into areas for improvement. However, it’s crucial to prioritise user experience over solely optimising for SEO purposes.

Google’s acknowledgement of Core Web Vitals’ role in ranking systems highlights the increasing importance of web performance optimisation in SEO strategies. While the specifics of Google’s algorithms remain opaque, website owners can benefit from prioritising user experience and optimising Core Web Vitals to improve their chances of ranking higher in search results.

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