Two perspectives are better than one; that’s why our clients asked us to offer a digital consultation service.

We meet with you (in person or Zoom) to talk about what you’re doing online now and how you can be better.

We talk with staff members, discuss challenges and opportunities and configure a plan of action to do better online. How much time we spend with you is dependant on the size of your operations. Have a look at the options below to see the best digital consultation package for your business.

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1-Day Digital Detox

We’ll come and meet you and your team for one full day of business. You can off-load all your questions in the morning and we’ll spend the day discussing and putting a plan together for progression. We’ll provide you with a document of all items discussed on the day and follow up with you after a couple of weeks to answer any other questions you’ve run into along the way. This is perfect for smaller teams / solo entrepreneurs.

2-Day Digital Detox

Sometimes one day just isn’t enough. On this occasion, we spend one day with the entire team, and one day with the team leader / marketing director/ business owner. Speaking from experience of running digital processes we’ll be able to take a much more hands on approach to the integration of day 1 findings. People like to feel supported; often, a good nights sleep returns many valuable discussion points, and we’ll be right there the following day to pillar those thoughts. Suitable for small teams.

Digital Pursuit

Suitable for those who want to excel in online growth. Together we set out 3, 6, 9, 12 month goals and meet once a month to align business operations in accordance to those goals. Our team will be on hand to assist around the clock and we’ll setup project management on our sophisticated software to keep all project comms on one platform and drive shared mutual goals across all team members. We’re on a mission to build a portfolio of excellence.