Is Display Marketing for me?

In display marketing we design stylised banners that not only look the part but convert too. These will be advertised across the web to consumers who have previously visited your site. popping up at the side of Youtube videos and news articles, keeping your brand at the front of their mind and enticing them to revisit your site.

Suitable for all businesses who want to target specific audiences who have previously engaged with their brand.

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What matters for display marketing?

If you’re new to  marketing your online business, one of the main challenges is knowing what you should focus on to make your efforts as effective as possible.


Display marketing is used primarily to drive brand awareness and reach and works well with other paid traffic sources such as Google ads and social media paid ads.


Text-based, image or video advertisements must be considered to encourage the user to clickt hrough to a landing page and take action, there's up to 10 formats available.

Ad networks

Deciding your prefered ad network will have a serious impact on conversions due to compliance and network restrictions, its best to consult an expert on this.

Products / service

Display advertising works best when your product or service is visual, but doesn't limit those companies who are not providing you have the right marketing team behind you.

Landing pages

Dynamic remarketing to specific landing pages yeilds highest ROI, speak with one of our team to get this set up within your campaign.


Looking to aquire new customers? perhaps you'd like to retarget those who found you via search? Look-a-like audiences and email lists work well too. Call us to find out more.

Did you know

Google’s Display Ad Network reaches 90% of global internet users.

Did you know?

53% of marketers use behavioral retargeting or remarketing on desktop.

Did you know?

68% of marketers say that paid advertising is "extremely important" to their marketing strategy.

What is display marketing?

Display marketing is advertisements that are seen by users who have previously visited your website, the adverts are designed to keep your business fresh in their minds and get them to reconsider your product or service. Your ads can be text-based, image, or video with up to 10 size formats available. Ads that are linked to specific landing pages yield the highest ROI in our experience but they can link to other pages too.

Renting ad space

Similar to offline advertising in newspapers and such, advertisement space on the internet has to be essentially rented out before you can display your adverts. However the ‘billing’ is not as scary as it sounds, most ads operate on a cost-per-click (cpc) payment which means you only have to pay when consumers click on your adverts. Other options for this include CPT (cost per thousand), CPL (cost per lead) and CPS (cost per sale).

The importance of display marketing

Display marketing is one of the strongest markets on the global internet. Global net sales amount to more than 1.5 billion from desktop and mobile. Mobile search Is growing at an exponential rate, which is often overlooked by marketers. We directly address the marketing trends and use that data to determine how your ads will be best displayed to your audience.

Building brand awareness

Consumers are unlikely to buy from a brand that they have never seen or heard of before, that’s why display advertising gives you the benefit of making consumers aware of your brand.

Display Marketing pay-par-click ads. Sierra Six Media SEO and PPC agency in Essex.
Display Marketing pay-par-click ads. Sierra Six Media SEO and PPC agency in Essex.

Display ads are targetted

In marketing it’s important to target the right people who are most relevant to your business. With display marketing, you can create specific parameters – which sites your ad appears on, which geographic area they appear in and which demographic they appear to.

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