Is e-Commerce PPC for me?

For e-Commerce websites we use Google Shopping, linking your Google Ads account to Google Merchant Center and setting up your product feed. Google indexes your product data and uses it to create a digital profile for your store, that way Google can generate the most relevant ad using your product when a user searches for an item.

Suitable for online shops including Shopify, Woo-commerce, and Magenta that need help optimising specific products or product categories. Suitable for those companies who require an SEO strategy to enhance their paid or social media marketing channels.

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What We Do

e-Commerce search engine optimisation (e-commerce seo). Sierra Six Media, Digital marketing agency in Essex.

Prioritise products

We'll audit your website to determine which pages receive the most traffic and discover which products are most searched for on your site. Perhaps there's a particular product line or category you'd like to focus on or a seasonal collection you'd like to optimise ahead of your competition. We'll work with you to form a strong strategy.

Ad Creation

Ad creation is a simple process for e-commerce campaigns, these ads are made up of a headline, a few lines of text, and sometimes an image depending on the type of ad we choose.

Keyword Selection

when working on a PPC campaign, we have to choose some keywords which will "trigger" your ad to appear on a search result. Your ad will only appear when users search for those specific keywords or close variations, this is to ensure your products are only being shown to the most relevant consumers.


Once we have created your ads and chosen your keywords you can decide how much you want to "bid" for your ads to be displayed. Bids vary depending on how much competition there is for your keywords. Higher-volume, more profitable keywords mean you will pay more per click than if you were bidding on lower-volume keywords. Which is why we ensure that you are bidding on the correct terms for your products.

Did you know

89% of traffic generated through Google Ads is not replaced by organic when ads are paused.

Did you know?

Adverts placed on the Google Display Network reach up to 90% of internet users

Did you know?

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.

e-Commerce PPC campaigns are adaptable

PPC campaigns can be easily adapted to the current circumstances of your business. If you’re experiencing fewer sales than usual or having a ‘slow’ month you are able to increase your ad spend or decrease it depending on your finances. If you want to quickly advertise a sale because of an event you can with ease. You can also quickly remove ads if you decide to change up your look or removing stock. With PPC you have an amazing amount of control over the way your ads run and when.

Visual product ads

When you are selling a product on Google shopping, Google provides an option for visual ads (product listing ads) that can help a user see what they are clicking on. These ads can improve click-through rate by offering a feature that is not otherwise available In organic search.
Consumers often like to see a product before purchasing and by displaying your product on the SERPs you are skipping over multiple steps of the consumer journey – clicking on a website, searching for a product, scrolling through hundreds of items, and clicking on an item, and your product just gets straight to the point.

Is SEO better for e-Commerce sites?

You can get traffic from SEO however, PPC drives fast results, whereas SEO can take months to see the results. Plus running paid ads increases your brand visibility, getting your advertisements seen by the right people.

With PPC there is also the added bonus of being able to test and feedback on different campaigns, whether you want to test a new product or marketing message. As well as split testing of ads, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons, to determine the best results.

Brand visibility

When a webpage isn’t visible fewer people know about what the brand is offering, which means sales and growth are both limited. Therefore by using PPC, you can increase your brand visibility and brand awareness. Your ads will dominate above the fold content and get your advertisements seen by the right people, on page 1 of Google.

e-Commerce pay-per-click. Sierra Six Media SEO and PPC agency in Essex.

Measureable ROI

Carefully crafted ad campaigns can achieve amazing conversion rates and sales numbers. Plus results from PPC ads equate to trackable leads and a general upturn in website success. The ROI is measurable and you are able to analyse data and make adjustments to increase your ROI.

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