Google Analytics has just made it easier to analyse and share your data with a new feature that allows direct export to Google Sheets. This update enhances both the depth of analysis and team collaboration, making data-driven decision-making more efficient than ever.

Streamlining Data Analysis

The new “Export to Google Sheets” feature lets you seamlessly transfer your Google Analytics data to Google Sheets. Here’s how you can do it:

Click “Share this report” in the top right corner of your report.

Select “Download File”.

Choose “Export to Google Sheets”.

The exported file can include up to 5,000 rows of data, making it easier to manage and analyse large datasets. For more detailed instructions, you can visit Google’s help page.

Enhancing Collaboration & Sharing

Exporting data to Google Sheets not only aids in deeper analysis but also improves collaboration. You can share the exported reports with your team through a simple link. To share a report, users need the Viewer role at the property level. Once the link is generated, it can be copied and distributed to others, facilitating seamless teamwork and stakeholder engagement.

Expanded Export Options

In addition to exporting to Google Sheets, Google Analytics continues to support other formats, including:

PDF: Perfect for creating easy-to-read, shareable documents.

CSV: Ideal for importing data into other tools and platforms.

Looker Studio: Connect Google Analytics to Looker Studio for advanced data visualisation and reporting.

Analytics Data API: For more complex data exporting needs.

Why This Matters

The direct export to Google Sheets feature bridges the gap between data collection and analysis. By simplifying the exporting process, Google eliminates the need for manual data transfers and reduces the risk of errors, saving valuable time and resources. This allows teams to focus more on deriving meaningful insights and making data-driven decisions.


How can marketers export Google Analytics reports to Google Sheets?

Click “Share this report” in the top right corner of the report.

Select “Download File”.

Choose “Export to Google Sheets”.

What are the benefits of exporting Google Analytics data to Google Sheets?


Facilitates deeper analysis by integrating data into a familiar spreadsheet format.

Enables easier collaboration among team members by providing a shareable link.

Eliminates the need for manual data transfers, saving time and reducing errors.

What other export options are available in Google Analytics besides Google Sheets?



Connecting to Looker Studio for sharing report data

Utilising the Analytics Data API for advanced exporting capabilities

By introducing this new feature, Google Analytics is making it simpler to turn raw data into actionable insights, fostering better decision-making and collaboration within your organisation.

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