Introducing Google’s new AI tool: Bard

Google’s latest AI tool, BARD, is a promising development in providing instantaneous, comprehensive answers to questions. BARD attempts to bridge the gap between the huge amounts of knowledge available on the web and modern language models that enable our access and analysis of it. The use cases for BARD range from explaining complex concepts in plain language to quickly finding out about the most lethal strikers in football today. It enables easy access to both vast quantities of information and creative ideas, meaning no matter what you search for there will be an insightful answer waiting for you.

Bard is Currently in The Testing Phase

Google’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, known as BARD, is currently in its tester phase. It is only available to a select number of people for the time being before Google makes it more widely accessible to everyone. Although it’s still a work in progress, Google aims to make the AI more sophisticated and user-friendly in order to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. In the coming weeks, the tech giant will be sharing more information about this project and could potentially be making BARD available to the public soon.

Google’s AI Mistake Wiped $100bn Off Shares

As pointed out by Grant Tremblay on twitter, the video introducing the new AI tool shows incorrectly cited the James Webb Space Telescope as being the first to take pictures of a planet outside Earth’s solar system. In reality, The Very Large Telescope (VLT) instrument took the very first image of an exoplanet back in 2004 by Chauvin et al.

This mistake from Bard sent shares plummeting by $100bn. In the wake of the incident, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai issued an apology and vowed to make improvements to ensure that BARD remains accurate. He also stated that “We need to do better in recognizing when AI systems are getting things wrong, so as not to cause more harm.” The company has since made changes and is now more closely monitoring the AI to ensure that it provides reliable information.

The mistakes made so far are a reminder of how difficult it is to make an AI system both accurate and consistent. But Google has taken steps to address the issue, and with further development, BARD could be a revolutionary tool for accessing and sharing information. The future looks bright for AI technology and Google has laid down the challenge to make it more accurate than ever before.

Will Google’s AI tool Bard rival Chat GPT?

Google’s AI tool, Bard, continues to cause a stir in the industry. Many are wondering whether Bard will be able to compete with Chat GPT, a well-known text-generating system. Both tools use natural language processing (NLP) and language models to generate text. They create complete sentences by analyzing input and predicting the most likely response. The main difference between them lies in their underlying implementations – Chat GPT uses an end-to-end transformer architecture while Bard focuses on rules-based coding and editing. This still means that both systems can produce good quality text, but it may be more difficult for Bard to compete with Chat GPT on speed and accuracy. As such, it remains to be seen whether Google’s ambitious attempt at creating a powerful automated writing tool will be successful or not. Time will tell.

Regardless of how Google’s AI tool, Bard, performs in comparison to other text-generating systems, it is certain that the tech giant has made a significant step forward in providing people with access to accurate, reliable information. This could open up new possibilities for the way we interact with technology, and ultimately, how we communicate and share knowledge. Google has already made it clear that they will be sharing more information about this project and could potentially be making BARD available to the public soon. We look forward to seeing what Google’s AI tool Bard can do in the near future.


We are intrigued to see how AI continues to evolve in the future and how it can be used to improve search results.

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Alice Baker, Senior Digital Marketing Executive. Sierra Six Media.