Every year, Google introduces several updates to its search algorithm, which affects the way websites rank on their search engine results pages. In March 2023, Google rolled out its latest core algorithm update, which is to affect search rankings globally and ensure a step in the right direction to deliver the results that customers require.

Google’s algorithm updates are designed to improve the quality and relevancy of search results for users. The aim is to provide users with the most accurate and relevant information to their search query. The algorithm update has been referred to as “the great equalizer” as it is designed to level the playing field for small businesses and online entrepreneurs whilst benefiting those that are using the search engine regularly.

User Experience is Key

It is important to note as with any core algorithm update from Google, there is very little information regarding what is changing. Therefore it is down to the customer to both SEO marketing agencies in London, Essex and the rest of the UK as well as website owners to monitor data and identify where anything may have changed. One of the major areas that we are sure the update focuses on is user experience.

Google has always considered UX as a vital ranking factor, as part of their user guidelines but with each update, this is becoming more important than ever. Websites that prioritise their users’ experience and satisfaction will have a better chance of ranking higher compared to those that don’t. This is perfect for those looking to gain a competitive edge in an overcrowded market as webpages that load quickly, provide accessible content, and are well-organised will rank better.

Content Quality and Accuracy

Another element that will also likely feature heavily within the March update is the focus on both short-term and long-form content. Websites that have verifiable sources, high-quality content, and relevant contextual information are likely to benefit from higher ranking positions as they offer more value to those using the search engine than competitors who are not providing high-quality information.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google core updates have one simple goal,l, to serve better search results to users. Since 2016 Google has been rolling out mobile-first indexing within their search engine, this meant that all websites that did not have a mobile version of their site would be negatively affected when it came to ranking positions. Fast forward to March 2021 and Google now operates on a Mobile-first indexing algorithm. This major shift along with all updates since has honed in on the use of mobile sites, their user experience and other key contributing factors to determine ranking position. Therefore it is in the best interest of both the website owner and digital marketing agencies to maintain a strong user experience on both versions of their website to rank highly.

The March 2023 Google core algorithm update is designed to provide users with more accurate, relevant, and trustworthy search results. Website owners that prioritise user experience down to the finest detail are the ones likely to benefit from when asking SEO consultants in Essex and the rest of the UK as mobile-friendly websites continue to outrank those with just desktops.

Though everything may look great on the live version of the site backend coding and other technical issues may be hindering your ability to rank highly. However, with the help of a digital marketing agency London, essex or the UK has to offer, you can ensure content quality, technical fixes and mobile-friendliness will be less affected by the update.