In a groundbreaking announcement at the Galaxy Unpacked event in San Jose, Google and Samsung showcased their dynamic partnership by introducing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) features to the newly released Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones. This collaboration not only underscores the synergy between the two tech giants but also signifies a significant leap forward in advancing the Android ecosystem through impactful innovation.

Google’s Gemini AI Models Take Center Stage

The star of the show is Google’s Gemini AI models, which will empower the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra models with next-generation capabilities. This collaboration exemplifies the continued integration of Google’s advanced AI technology into Samsung devices, bringing forth a range of enhanced features that promise to redefine user experiences.

Gemini Enhancements in Samsung Apps


The Galaxy S24 lineup will leverage Google’s Gemini AI models across various Samsung applications. Noteworthy apps such as Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard will harness the power of Gemini Pro to provide users with enhanced summarisation and productivity features. Additionally, the Galaxy S24 Gallery app will benefit from Generative Edit, powered by Imagen 2, Google’s text-to-image diffusion model, introducing innovative photo editing tools for users.

Circle to Search: A Game-Changing Feature

Among the exciting features introduced, Circle to Search stands out as a game-changer. This feature allows users to seamlessly search for content on their phones by circling or highlighting text, images, or videos. The search results will then present AI-generated overviews, summarising crucial information and enabling users to grasp concepts quickly without the need to switch between apps.

Messaging Evolved: Magic Compose and Photomoji

Messaging on the Galaxy S24 receives a significant upgrade with Google Messages introducing features like Magic Compose and Photomoji. Magic Compose suggests stylistic messages using AI, adding a personalised touch to your conversations. On the other hand, Photomoji creates custom emojis from user photos through generative models, enhancing the expressiveness of your messages.

Improved Android Auto for Seamless Driving Experience

For drivers, the Android Auto integration on the Galaxy S24 is set to automatically summarise long texts and suggest relevant actions like navigation or calling while on the road. The interface will seamlessly match the look and feel of the Samsung device, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience for Galaxy S24 users.


The Deepening Relationship Between Google and Samsung


The integration of Google’s state-of-the-art AI into Samsung’s flagship smartphones not only showcases the deepening relationship between these two tech giants but also highlights their shared vision to elevate the Android ecosystem through continuous innovation. As Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s SVP of Platforms & Ecosystems, mentions, “With our latest advances in AI, we have the opportunity to enhance what billions of people already love about Android.”


The Past and Present: Samsung’s Relationship with Google


However, the journey to this collaborative peak has not been without its challenges. Samsung’s reliance on Google services has been a source of tension, with Samsung attempting to reduce this dependency in the past. The history includes Samsung’s attempts to launch its own mobile OS, Bada and later Tizen, to replace Android. Google’s acquisition of Motorola in 2012 was a strategic move to protect the Android ecosystem against Samsung’s potential competition.


Despite the past rivalry, the current landscape sees a more civil partnership between Samsung and Google. The two companies have found common ground, recognising each other’s strengths and working together to propel innovation in the Android space.


The Future of AI on Samsung Devices


As Samsung continues to strengthen its hardware dominance and Google expands its Pixel portfolio, the collaboration between the two companies has evolved into a more mutually beneficial partnership. Samsung’s expertise in hardware manufacturing complements Google’s software prowess, creating a formidable alliance to compete against industry competitors.

The launch of the Galaxy S24 series serves as a testament to the continued evolution of Samsung and Google’s relationship, blending hardware and software seamlessly to provide users with a state-of-the-art experience. The AI capabilities introduced in these smartphones pave the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds, leaving us eager to witness the next chapter in the dynamic saga of Google and Samsung’s collaborative journey.

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