Google’s Search Console is introducing some fantastic enhancements to the Shopping tab Listings report. These features are tailored to help merchants as well as digital marketing agencies better streamline their product offerings as well as track the performance of products for a wide range of clients and product offerings.

In November last year, Search Console developed a new section dedicated to helping merchants showcase their products on the Shopping tab. This advancement was aimed at spurring business growth across Google by encouraging the creation of a Merchant Center account.

Now, Google is ramping up this initiative with additional enhancements designed to aid businesses with a Merchant Center account. The goal is to monitor product statuses more effectively and identify opportunities to boost visibility on Google.

The first enhancement will be in the form of notifications for merchants. If any issues arise causing products to cease appearing on the Shopping tab, merchants will be instantly alerted.

The rollout of the opportunity guide

The second enhancement is an opportunity guide. It will point out ways in which merchants can increase clicks and improve the ranking of their products on Google. This is particularly beneficial to those looking to expand their store through the help of both SEO and PPC as it perfectly highlights room for growth.

To access these exciting new enhancements in your Shopping tab Listing report, you need to link your Search Console property with a Merchant Center account. This association can be quickly established by any Search Console property owner who also possesses admin rights to the relevant Merchant Center account. Once the association is in place, all Search Console users of the property will enjoy the new experience.

This change will be implemented gradually over the coming weeks. To check if the feature is available for you, head to the Shopping tab listings section in Search Console. Once the feature becomes available, follow the instructions provided.

These enhancements are a testament to Google’s commitment to helping businesses thrive. For Sierra Six, it’s a fresh opportunity to maximise product visibility and tap into new growth avenues for each of our eCommerce clients.

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