Track visitors with a UTM tracking code

We want clients to know exactly how many people are visiting their websites via their GMB listing, you can build upon your Google My Business insights by using a UTM tracking code.  Adding a UTM tracking code to your URL’s allows you to track your GMB impressions inside of Google Analytics.


What is a UTM code?

A UTM tracking code at the end of your URL tells Google Analytics the source and medium of the link, which you can then interpret into where this visitor came from and which link they clicked on. And they’re not just for GMB you can use them on any external links to your website!

eg: The below links are customised to track visits from this article, note the UTM source = website, UTM campaign = blogs and UTM medium = GMB blog


Here’s an example of the tracking codes to put on your GMB listing

The first one on the “website” part of your GMB listing, after your URL:



The second one on the “appointment link” part of your GMB listing, after your URL:



(make sure you don’t miss the question mark at the start!)


How is a UTM code useful?

You can compare this visitor data to form fills on your website and behaviour flows in Google Analytics to see where GMB visitors are going after landing on your website and where they’re dropping off, or whether they are filling out they are completing a conversion/goal on your site.

This allows you to create better monthly reports based on conversions and analytical data – more than GMB insights.

You just need to already have analytics set up to track your website visitors, this will filter into your Analytics data.


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Alice Baker, Digital Marketing Executive, Sierra Six Media.