Sierra Six Media, Digital marketing agency whitepaper: selling smarter on marketplaces

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    Sell Smarter on Marketplaces

    Consumers have come to associate marketplaces with the widest range of products, an easy shopping experience and fast delivery. But in order to stay competitive brands and retailers need to understand the marketplace landscape and which platforms make the most sense for their business objectives.

    In this report, we’ll introduce many of the world’s most popular marketplaces, offering you best practice tips honed from years of helping leading brands and retailers be successful in their channel strategy.

    We’ll take a look at how to leverage these platforms to generate more sales, including an overview of 15 of the leading marketplaces globally, best practices for increasing visibility, how to sell smarter on marketplaces, case studies from the brands and retailers leading the way.

    Content includes:
    → Generalists
    → Specialists
    → Selling Smarter
    → Celebrating Marketplace Success