In the dynamic realm of advertising, Microsoft is forging ahead in the video marketing landscape with strategic partnerships, particularly its exclusive collaboration with Netflix. As Connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms redefine the advertising landscape, Microsoft Advertising is at the forefront, offering advertisers unprecedented opportunities for global reach and engagement.


Exclusive Netflix Partnership

Microsoft’s commitment to innovation is evident through its exclusive agreement with Netflix to power the ad-supported subscription tier. This collaboration significantly expands Microsoft Advertising’s reach, providing clients with access to a highly engaged global audience. At a time when a majority of US consumers turn to platforms like Netflix and Roku for their streaming needs, this partnership ensures that advertisers can connect with their target audience in meaningful ways.


Revolutionising Video Ad Buying

Microsoft’s recent webcast delved into the intricacies of video ad buying in a fragmented market. The company highlighted its unique tech stack, offering advertisers flexibility to craft campaigns aligned with their business needs. The emphasis on overcoming the complexities of video ad buying showcased Microsoft’s commitment to providing solutions in an ever-evolving landscape.


Innovative Solutions for Advertisers

Microsoft Advertising’s role is pivotal in this rapidly changing market. Boasting over 860 CTV publishers, 100 billion weekly video impressions, and 1,200 always-on video deals, Microsoft provides advertisers with a scalable and comprehensive marketplace. The enterprise-level DSP, Microsoft Invest (powered by Xandr), allows for intricate media buying strategies across various channels and formats, showcasing the company’s versatile approach.


Unified Platform for Success

Advertisers stand to benefit from Microsoft’s unified platform, offering consolidated deal buying and cross-channel measurement solutions. This ensures campaign success by providing a streamlined experience amidst the complexities of the video advertising landscape. Microsoft’s solution integrates unique data signals, collaboration with streaming services, and tailored video buying workflows, making it easier for advertisers to navigate challenges efficiently.


Scalable Advertising Solutions

Microsoft’s robust suite of advertising solutions provides advertisers with the opportunity to increase reach, enhance return on investment (ROI), and automate campaigns at scale. The comprehensive marketplace delivers scale, premium placements, and customizability, promising to revolutionize video and CTV advertising.


In conclusion, Microsoft and Netflix are reshaping the world of video advertising. The exclusive partnership with Netflix, coupled with Microsoft’s innovative tech stack and scalable advertising solutions, positions advertisers at the forefront of a new era in video marketing. As consumer behaviour evolves, Microsoft Advertising continues to lead the way, offering advertisers the tools they need to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of video advertising.

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