Is National SEO for me?

We place resources strategically to get the most from your budget whilst appealing to a national audience, building your brand and your lead list.

Although it is similar to local SEO, National SEO focuses on broad keyword terms rather than ranking for specific locations. The main goal of national SEO is to establish a strong national presence.

National SEO aims to attract customers nationwide. This is highly recommended for online businesses, or for those businesses where the location is irrelevant. When your company’s products and services aren’t limited to your business’ physical location.

For example, if your website targets the whole of the UK, you will want to use a National SEO strategy in favour of Local SEO and generate national rankings for your keywords. This can often be achieved with content posts such as blogs, guides, whitepapers and visual content, we can create something that broadens the scope of the keywords you can rank for.

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What matters for national SEO?

If you’re new to  marketing your online business, one of the main challenges is knowing what you should focus on to make your efforts as effective as possible.

Keyword Targetting

Unlike local seo, with National SEO we have to target more general keywords and terms which are much more difficult to rank for as there is much larger competition.

Audience segmentation

When you're looking on a national scale, your audience will be huge, this means its impresitive that we organise your audience by categories such as demographics and behaviour, making it much easier to target ads at the correct groups.

Geographical Targetting

Absolutely essential to rank in maps and boost your Google Business Card. Use all the features, stay up to date and refresh your photos often.

National Branding

To be able to compete with the big brands on a large scale you need to be doing national branding, getting your name out there and known by people. Your brand name is the first keyword to rank for to ensure people know who you are.

Website Content

Your website needs high quality content that provides value and contains lots of your national keywords, including the names of cities / other locations you want to appear for on search.

Business Positioning


Did you know

As many as 46% of all Google searches are local

Did you know?

Over 50% of 'near me' searches result in a physical store visit.

Did you know?

70% of consumers will go to a physical store if SEO is reliable

Optimising for broad key terms

National SEO aims to generate leads and sales from all across the country. Although it is similar to local SEO, national SEO focuses on broad keywords instead of ranking for specific geographical terms and focusing less on the ‘near me’ searches. Because with national SEO we are focusing on broader terms this of course means there is much more competition with a much larger market which you have to compete for. To ensure you are competing and ranking for those key terms we will include long-tail keywords in your website content, making search queries more specific.

The difference between local SEO and national SEO.

Local SEO tactics will help you to appear for “open now” and “near me” searches, this is a good option for new businesses because its better to target local customers who just want a nearby business. Whereas national SEO will help you to appear for much broader search terms, where consumers are often looking for industry leaders. National SEO is ideal for e-commerce stores and companies that offer goods and services nationwide – not limited to an actual location. However, there will always be some exceptions. To find out the best route for your business schedule a consultation with us.

Location Authority

Although local SEO and national SEO are different they still have one thing in common and that’s location authority. Google favours websites that are trusted, which means your content needs to add value, be accurate across all sites – this means, similarly to local SEO, to gain good location authority your address and details need to be correct on every directory and map listing. Consistency is key. Don’t worry this is a part of our strategy, we will align all of those directories for you as part of our service.

National SEO establishes experitse

Using a national SEO strategy generally means you are targeting a much larger audience with tough competition. This may help to prove that your brand has lots of experience and has already established its expertise with a smaller audience beforehand.

National SEO means BIG competition

By using a national SEO strategy you are competing with much larger brands, you may be competing on a level with some of the most well-known brands in the country, and if you are appearing above some of the top brands for key search terms then you are likely to see a huge increase in sales and growth. You may even be able to penetrate the international market.

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