Sierra Six Media, SEO agency networks: Women in PPC

Read our interview on PPC Women

We sponsor Women In PPC because we believe in their mission to build a female PPC network. With female PPC's equating to <7% within the industry we feel obliged to contribte and mentor where we can. We even have work experience candidates join us for a week or two on-the-job. Read Jade Bartholomew's interview on the link in the heading.

Sierra Six Media SEO agency networks Introbiz

Introbiz is a global networking community

Introbiz have connected over 60,000 businesses through their global network and are the UK’s only networking organisation to offer over 10 different types of networking events, including our online events – perfect for connecting with the wider national and global network. Jade Bartholomew attends many of the networking events connecting with other business owners.

Sierra Six Media SEO agency networks Burstead Golf Club

The Burstead is a local golf club in Billericay Essex.

With a host of important clients to entertain, and new connections to be made, it was an obvious choice to sponsor our local club. Both accomplished and less experienced golfers will relish the pleasures of a maturing and satisfying course. that abounds in challenging features; woodland, water, and naturally sweeping fairways. Jade Bartholomew has been a member of the club for years, so we had to sponsor this one.

Sierra Six Media, SEO agency networks: Savsim

SAVSIM is a non-profit organisation

Jade Bartholomew sits on the development committee as lead advisor, using her experience from Sierra Six Media to boost digital exposure and visibility. Savsim's mission is to enhance the protection capabilities of those communities to safeguard endangered wildlife, combat illegal poaching activities and support conservation initiatives for future generations. .

Sierra Six Media, SEO agency networks: PPC Club 83

Exclusive PPC network born in NYC

PPC Club 83 is a private club of PPC and SEM specialists in which we discuss privately and confidentially complex PPC situations. It is application only and available to only the best talent. Jade Bartholomew, director, has hired freelance women from PPC Club 83, supporting women in their digital careers.

Sierra Six Media, SEO agency networks: Bloom

Bloom is a professional network for women in communications

With over 500 members, a mix of mentors and mentees, Bloom is on a mission to ensure women have equal opportunity in the communications industry. By harnessing the power of their real voices, we strive to future-proof women’s careers, spearhead industry change and pay it forward. Jade Bartholomew mentors young women, assisting with any issues in their career and personal goals.