The Details

Our client wanted a professional, WordPress website with SEO built-in.
The client described his old website as “static and hard to update” and wanted a refreshed, up to date, high-quality, website with clear messaging.


Total Build Time: 6 Weeks
Project Included: Web Design & Development and SEO
The Goal: user experience, information accessibility, and SEO friendliness to drive conversions.
Challenge: PPC campaign was rejected by Google so it was pivotal that our SEO worked and provided great ROI

Website Before and After

Web Design and Development Case study. Sierra Six Media Digital marketing agency Essex. Screenshot 2022 02 03 142939
image 1 Screenshot 2022 02 03 143106
image 2 Screenshot 2022 02 03 143121

SEO Results

  • Ranking Position 1 for 18 keywords
  • Ranking on page 1 of Google for 80 keywords
  • 35% of 200 keywords are ranking on page 1
  • Conversion rate and contact form submissions increased
  • Some keywords seeing an Increase of up to 85 positions on search

Traffic & Conversions

  • 30% of all website traffic is organic
  • 18 conversions including 2 from Large international brands
  • Organic traffic has a 20% lower bounce rate
  • Organic traffic has a longer avg session duration
  • Organic traffic has a higher goal conversion rate
  • Organic traffic is the 2nd largest acquisition channel, below direct.
  • 83% of goal completions are from organic traffic

Client Feedback

“In the few months that we have been working with Sierra Six Media, we have been very impressed. In a short period of time, our website has been re-designed from the ground up and nothing has been too much trouble for Jade and her team. They are all helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly and have guided us through each step of the process and suggested many improvements along the way. Especially impressive is the way in which the team have taken the time to understand our unusually bespoke repair service, and that gives us every confidence in working together long-term on our online marketing strategy.” – Darren Jones, Director.

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