Ecommerce SEO

Digital marketing strategy for a global e-commerce brand. SEO focused.


reduction in bounce rate


keywords improved

35 keyword rankings improved by over 20 positions.


Position Increase

Some keywords on the website have seen an increase of over 90 positions on search results.


Increase in CR


Plumb Spares Direct - quality plumbing supplies

Ecommerce SEO case study: We were challenged to improve organic sales for Plumb Spares Direct amid a complete website rebuild which was put live with many issues and created challenges for us to face. We know we needed:

To increase keyword positioning

Updating website content to focus on keywords and search terms, and improving the overall usability of the website.

To increase conversion rate

Using SEO to drive traffic to the website and create a quick & easy user experience with the website design.

Build a New Sitemap

With the challenges from the new website we created a full new sitemap based on search terms, creating brand new URL structures.

To Get On Top Of Indexing

This website had seen issues in the past of de-indexing, with the new site in place we had to ensure every page was indexed.


Project highlights

This project came with challenger after challenge, but our team worked hard to resolve all issues and get the website ranking for their keywords and improve organic traffic.


Page views

We saw a 22% increase in organic page views once the website was indexed correctly and ranking for keyterms.


Session duration

Session duration increased by 12% - after fixing the URL structures on the websites users could navigate the site without directing to 404 pages.


Pages per session

19% increase in pages per session - with the new website came new product pages for users to browse, we got these pages ranking to peak users interest.


Goal Completions

Goal completions by organic traffic increased by 56%

"I'm pleasantly surprised with the team, they've been really quite thorough which is rare these days."


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