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Website hits

From January 1st - March 28th 2021. The same period in 2020 totalled 117,289 hits


Increase in organic revenue

From January 1st - March 31st 2021 vs same period previous year (2020)


Sales transactions

From January 1st - March 31st 2021. This is a 262% increase YoY (2020)


Increase in CR

From January 1st - March 31st 2021 vs same period previous year (2020)


Sph2onge - innovative cleaning products

We were challenged to improve organic sales for Sph2onge across multiple products ranges. We were also tasked with getting the UK version ranking ahead of the US version for brand terms. We know we needed to:

Increase AOV

We optimised for bundle products and complementary products simultaneously to increase AOV by 28% sitewide.

Lower cart abandonment

We speed- optimised the website to reduce decision making time and also improved meta-data sidewide to provide more value at purchase phase.


Using on-site technical SEO, we forced Google to recognise the UK TLD ahead of the US. US sales have also increased dramatically.

Assist other channels

We setup attribution modelling and path assist to discover exactly when and how SEO can assist other sales. Other channel sales up by 42%.


Project highlights

In terms of ROI, this project returns at 1:20 as of March 2021. We aim to at least double this within the next 6 months and work with the client on developing new product lines in tandem with search volumes.


Outperforms other sites

Shopify have ranked Sph2onge's website in the Top 1% of all Shopify sites in the UK (13,309) based on levels of organic traffic. We are absolutely thrilled for Chris and his team.


Increase conversion rate

Organic conversions up by 219% and overall conversion rate up 211% cross-channel. Channel assists up over 100%.


Increased AOV

Average order value up by nearly 30% across the website with bundle sales now in the top 5 most frequently visited pages.


Voted product

Sph2onge was nominated and WON 'Best innovative Cleaning Product Brand' at the 2021 Home and Garden Awards.

"I don't know whatthey do, butthey're bloodygood at it"


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