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Account Audit

Let our PPC professionals perform an account review to see firstly where we are, and secondly, to discover where we are going. If you don’t have an ad account already, we’ll produce a PPC brief together and our team will sit down and set one up.

Ad creation

Without great ads, there won’t be great results. We have years of experience in writing ad-headlines and ad-copy which actually generate valuable website visits. Don’t worry about your competitors clicking on your ads to waste your budget, we have tools for that!

Tracking & Analytics

Goal tracking ,conversion tracking, e-commerce tracking, product tracking, call tracking, keyword tracking - you name it, we've got it. Understanding where your conversions are coming from help us to understand attribution and report directly on ROI.


We report once a month, on paper, and in person, and not just on the green arrows; on areas we can learn and develop from. We’ll setup goals which hold value to your business and report on how the campaign is performing against these goals. Unapologetically honest reporting is key to our business success.

Display Marketing

Harnessing the power of the Google Display Network (GDN) we'll create stylised and converting adverts to push out across multiple publishers to keep your brand in front of your target audience.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile search usage now exceeds 70% of all searches on the internet. Having mobile-specific adverts can substantially boost sales, drive leads and build brand resonance with your target audience.

Our PPC Services in more detail

Pay Per Click

With pay per click advertising, you pay a fee each time one of your adverts is clicked, as opposed to ‘earning’ the click from organic SEO.

At Sierra Six Media, we use a mix of human touch and AI to create a customised PPC campaign with your target audience in mind, to generate the best possible ROI. From Google shopping, to display advertising to social media ads, you can be sure our experts will form a powerful and measurable PPC campaign.

e-Commerce PPC

For e-Commerce websites we use Google Shopping, linking your Google Ads account to Google Merchant Center and setting up your product feed.
Google indexes your product data and uses it to create a digital profile for your store, that way Google can generate the most relevant ad using your product when a user searches for an item.

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Display Marketing

We design stylised banners that not only look the part but convert too. These will be advertised across the web to consumers who have previously visited your site. popping up at the side of Youtube videos and news articles, keeping your brand at the front of their mind and enticing them to revisit your site.

Social Media

Paid advertising solely on social media platforms. We can target your ads to a specific group of users based on demographics, topic interest, and other data. These ads will pop up in users’ “feed” while scrolling, keeping your brand at the front of their minds. Every click that doesn’t convert into a sale or sign-up isn’t lost, there will be more people who are now aware of your brand.


**Disclaimer: We are not a social media marketing agency, we do not manage or post for social media pages outside of paids ads**

PPC Management

Our PPC team will oversee your ad campaigns, strategy, and budget. We will carry out keyword research, select which media channels to target, monitor your campaigns and ROI, plus competitor analysis. We also carry out split-testing across a variety of channels.

Mobile Advertising

Paid search advertisers often undervalue mobile search and reduce their bids on mobile ads. However, we know that the rate of searches performed on mobile is growing exponentially, which is why we offer mobile advertising. It’s important that we align paid campaigns with the trend to maximise the ROI.
As part of your strategy, we can view your campaign performance categorised by devices and if we see an opportunity, we will enhance campaign targeting for mobile.


"I've only been with Sierra Six Media for 3 months but can tell this will be a partnership that will last for years"


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Our client are a luxury children’s footwear brand with a collection of lightweight shoes, designed in East London and made in Europe using the highest quality materials. They are seeking SEO and PPC campaigns for a new partnership with a HUGE brand.

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To stay competitive brands and retailers need to understand the marketplace landscape. In this report, we’ll introduce many of the world’s most popular marketplaces, offering you best practice tips honed from years of helping leading brands and retailers be successful in their channel strategy.

Sierra Six Media, SEO agency Essex, branding project.

From our blog

PPC lets you bypass other product listings. Whenever someone clicks on your sponsored listing, you pay a fee, but you get a prime spot for a specific keyword in return.


When the internet was first being used there were very few websites, which meant navigating the web was easy. However once the internet started to expand, search engines were created so users could find websites with ease.

There once was a time when if you typed a phrase into a search engine the results would be websites that matched the keywords in your search query. Google quickly became the most popular search engine, it was the first to indicate trust and authority on websites.

As the internet has evolved, Google has hundreds of ranking factors that determine search position, trust, and authority. There are currently over 200 SEO ranking factors on Google. These factors form your digital footprint which determines which page of results your site is on when a user types an inquiry into Google.

When you type an enquiry into Google, the search engine checks the ranking factors of various websites and determines how relevant your site is, resulting in a list of sites that match your search phrase.

A lot of people don’t realise Google isn’t doing a live crawl of sites every time you search for something. Instead, it searches a stored database of all the sites Google has previously indexed to find the most relevant results. This is called the Google Index.

Google uses small programs called ‘spiders’ which crawl websites, they start on a single page and follow all links on that page, crawling and storing all content from the next pages.

Each time web content is crawled it’s stored in Google’s servers and creates an index. The spiders are constantly crawling millions of websites and pages, ensuring that the Google Index is as up-to-date as possible and that new sites can be discovered quickly.

Google has a variety of processes to rank thousands of sites. These are called algorithms. When you search on Google an algorithm checks the Google Index and generates a list of sites that match your search in organic results. Those results are ranked based on relevance, prominence, and popularity from inbound links.

The algorithms check various on-site and off-site factors to decide which sites are related to your search. All relevant sites are added to a list and rank by prominence. Referring to the same on and off-site factors, the algorithm determines which sites, best answer your query, and these are listed in order on Google search results.

By using SEO services you can influence your website’s relevancy, prominence, and link popularity. If all of the correct areas and factors on your website are optimised then your website will show higher in more search results.

Google often releases new updates which change the most important ranking factors. As a website owner, you should be constantly aware of any Google updates, how to prepare for them and how they might affect your traffic.

We are an SEO and digital marketing agency based in Billericay, Essex. We service clients locally, and globally with our most distant client in Australia and our closest client downstairs in Billericay High Street.

No. Although the majority of our clients are Essex, London, and Manchester based we service SEO and PPC clients throughout the rest of the UK overseas.