Pay-per Click (PPC)

Get in front of your customers, quickly, with a paid media strategy

With pay per click advertising, you pay a fee each time one of your adverts is clicked, as opposed to ‘earning’ the click from organic SEO.

At Sierra Six Media, we use a mix of human touch and AI to create a customised PPC campaign with your target audience in mind, to generate the best possible ROI. From Google shopping, to display advertising to social media ads, you can be sure our experts will form a powerful and measurable PPC campaign.

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Account Audit

Let our PPC professionals perform an account review to see firstly where we are, and secondly, to discover where we are going. If you don’t have an ad account already, we’ll produce a PPC brief together and our team will sit down and set one up.

Ad creation

Without great ads, there won’t be great results. We have years of experience in writing ad-headlines and ad-copy which actually generate valuable website visits. Don’t worry about your competitors clicking on your ads to waste your budget, we have tools for that!

Tracking & Analytics

Goal tracking ,conversion tracking, e-commerce tracking, product tracking, call tracking, keyword tracking - you name it, we've got it. Understanding where your conversions are coming from help us to understand attribution and report directly on ROI.


We report once a month, on paper, and in person, and not just on the green arrows; on areas we can learn and develop from. We’ll setup goals which hold value to your business and report on how the campaign is performing against these goals. Unapologetically honest reporting is key to our business success.

Display marketing

Harnessing the power of the Google Display Network (GDN) we'll create stylised and converting adverts to push out across multiple publishers to keep your brand in front of your target audience.

Mobile advertising

Mobile search usage now exceeds 70% of all searches on the internet. Having mobile-specific adverts can substantially boost sales, drive leads and build brand resonance with your target audience.


Display, video and search ads soar

Young Soles are a luxury children’s footwear brand with a collection of lightweight shoes, designed in East London and made in Europe using the highest quality materials. They are seeking SEO and PPC campaigns for a new partnership with a HUGE brand.

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Woo-commerce store setup

MCR specialise in the repair of an extensive range of mobile computers, they've worked directly with national service organisations and major industry manufacturers. They are looking for a shiny new website to present their services, which we are currently designing.

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