e-Commerce SEO

e-Commerce SEO might seem like a huge task, especially if you already have a website populated with tons of products; we’re here to streamline that process for you.

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Prioritise products

We'll audit your website to determine which pages receive the most traffic and discover which products are most searched for on your site. Perhaps there's a particular product line or category you'd like to focus on or a seasonal collection you'd like to optimise ahead of your competition. We'll work with you to form a strong strategy.

Create a workflow

SEO is strategic at the best of times. Throw in ten's, hundred's or even thousands of products with images and watch the complexity increase. We'll create a practical workflow,incorporating your team if need be, to deliver a well-thought out and organised SEO strategy to get your products infront of your customers

Assess the competition

Your e-commerce SEO strategy should be designed to outwit the competition. We'll check out your top competitors’ sites and discover exactly what they're doing to get great SEO scores on their pages. We'll identify and implement ways to make yours, not only better, but more optimised for conversions.


Combining SEO with CRO gives you a powerful set of strategies to help you drive conversions and generate sales. Getting traffic to an e-Commerce site just doesn't cut the mustard in 2021 - we need to bring focus to what's actually on the page to drive sales as well as driving traffic. They go hand in hand.


e-Commerce SEO

Top 1% of Shopify sites

Sph2onge sells cleaning cloths direct to consumer via the online shop. We adopted a national SEO strategy working mainly on technical SEO...

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e-Commerce SEO

21% increase visibility

Our client provides British vehicle owners with the largest, most affordable selection of private number plates possible. We're working with the team to increase organic online sales.

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e-Commerce SEO

e-Commerce SEO goes international

Our client are a luxury children’s footwear brand with a collection of lightweight shoes, designed in East London and made in Europe using the highest quality materials. They are seeking SEO and PPC campaigns for a new partnership with a HUGE brand

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