Do you service a specific geographical region?

We create tailor-made solutions to optimise for specific locations, helping to maximise your budget and capture leads from those your product or service actually suit.

Local SEO is the practice of optimising your website to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness from local search. We can achieve this by using local keywords, optimising your business’s Google My Business profile, with all the correct information and building “NAP” citations. 

46% of all searches in Google have “local intent” This means trouble as most companies still aren’t there to meet their customers and its playing detriment on business growth. If your location and contact information is incorrect, this will hinder your appearance on local searches.

Google doesn’t only show local results for keywords that contain a specific city or county. If Google thinks that your search needs a set of local results, they’ll show it to you, even if the keyword isn’t obviously local. This is important to keep in mind as you do keyword research for your local business. So to optimize your site for local organic rankings, we will use your keywords in your title tag, in your URL the other traditional SEO methods.

It’s not uncommon to hear that companies have been burnt with previous freelancers or agencies and are scared to enter the realm of SEO again. The truth is, we do exist, and we do get truly life-changing results. We’ve worked with clients who have gone from turning over £2,000 a month online to becoming multi-million businesses within two years, using SEO alone.

Search engine optimisation is referred to as playing the long game. It’s like buying a house rather than renting one. Rather than renting ad-space, you purchase real estate on search engines, and this delivers long term ROI, brand building and reputation management.

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