With over 200 on-site ranking factors, it’s no wonder some companies get stretched with the implementation of technical SEO.

For our tech heads, this is a playground, and we play to win. Trust us to identify and implement technical strategy that wins against robots and people.

Although modern search engines like Google are pretty good at discovering and understanding content, there are simple technical issues that can prevent them from crawling and indexing web pages, preventing them from showing in search results. We will check your URLs with tools like Robots.txt and Google Search Console to ensure search engines are able to crawl them. We can secure your website with HTTPS encryption. We’ll clear up any duplicate content as to not waste web-crawler time and/or budget. We can create a sitemap for you as “sitemaps are the second discovery option most relevant to googlebot” including all your pages even orphan pages means Google doesn’t have to dig as far to find them.

We can even use Schema Markup to create rich snippets – search results with extra information shown under the title, description and URL such as star ratings.

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