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London is a popular location for our team. Our director starting her career in the city and our very first office being located in Regent Street. We love London for its city life, culture, tourist attractions and everything that it has to offer!

Our Billericay office sits close to the train station where we can catch a 30-minute train journey into central London. This makes it perfect for those summer city nights. London has something to offer for every occasion. Fine dining, cocktail bars and restaurants, and cafes are all available for business meetings or leisurely meals.

We visit London often and have taken part in many business events presenting our work. We have also partaken in many presentations and talks with some of the city’s biggest universities. No matter the size of your business our SEO agency London team are here to help.


London has become like a second home to us, we visit frequently and have many clients across the city. We work with many businesses from London and have built up some great relationships over the years. We pride ourselves on working with several businesses spanning multiple sectors all over the city.

Our Work

Starting out as an SEO agency in London our very first office being located in Regent Street. Since then we have continued to grow and have done lots of work throughout London with businesses of all sizes.


We are an SEO agency in London with a wealth of knowledge across a number of sectors. Our clients come from many industries, such as escape rooms, finance, and cryptocurrency. This gives us knowledge beyond basic marketing.


When it comes to organising meetings, it could not be any easier. Our office is only a 30-minute train journey straight into London Liverpool Street. As an SEO agency, London has to offer, it is important to us to be available.

We can easily schedule meetings on short notice and discuss any work in person thanks to our incredible transport links.

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Are you a London-based business looking for an SEO agency in London? Are you looking to improve your online visibility and organic traffic? Our team can help you by optimising your website. We’ll collaborate with you. We’ll gain an understanding of your business. Then, we’ll develop a customised SEO strategy to help you reach your goals. SEO is paramount to the long-term sustainability of any business. Marketing can seem like a huge task, however, it does not have to be. We’ll get you ranking on Google for your keywords, with a guaranteed increase in traffic and sales. Contact us today to learn more about our services as a London SEO Agency. We can help you improve your online visibility and organic traffic. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your reach.

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Although our head office is in Essex, we work with many clients in London. We service clients locally, and globally with our largest client in West London and our first and most loyal client in East London.

London is a business haven with an expected 1 million businesses residing here alone and with that, comes tremendous local talent, people, and networks; not just a home to the Shard and The Apprentice. Building and maintaining relationships within London has always been important to us.

We work with people from all over the world. However, we currently have a lot of clients in London from areas such as Shoreditch, Shepards Bush and Romford.

We have hosted charity events and supported schools in London, and delivered keynote SEO seminars to a multitude of businesses across the county. We are very much part of the London community and believe our colloquy and tenacity very much stems from growing up in a thriving part of the country.

No. Although we do have a lot of clients in the London area such as Shoreditch, we do work with companies from all over, both nationally and internationally, we currently have clients in Amsterdam and Spain.

Absolutely! If you are from London or the surrounding areas, we are more than happy to meet for a consultation or even just for a chat.

When the internet was first being used there were very few websites, which meant navigating the web was easy. However once the internet started to expand, search engines were created so users could find websites with ease.

There once was a time when if you typed a phrase into a search engine the results would be websites that matched the keywords in your search query. Google quickly became the most popular search engine, it was the first to indicate trust and authority on websites.

As the internet has evolved, Google has hundreds of ranking factors that determine search position, trust, and authority. There are currently over 200 SEO ranking factors on Google. These factors form your digital footprint which determines which page of results your site is on when a user types an inquiry into Google.

When you type an enquiry into Google, the search engine checks the ranking factors of various websites and determines how relevant your site is, resulting in a list of sites that match your search phrase.

A lot of people don’t realise Google isn’t doing a live crawl of sites every time you search for something. Instead, it searches a stored database of all the sites Google has previously indexed to find the most relevant results. This is called the Google Index.

Google uses small programs called ‘spiders’ which crawl websites, they start on a single page and follow all links on that page, crawling and storing all content from the next pages.

Each time web content is crawled it’s stored in Google’s servers and creates an index. The spiders are constantly crawling millions of websites and pages, ensuring that the Google Index is as up-to-date as possible and that new sites can be discovered quickly.

Google has a variety of processes to rank thousands of sites. These are called algorithms. When you search on Google an algorithm checks the Google Index and generates a list of sites that match your search in organic results. Those results are ranked based on relevance, prominence, and popularity from inbound links.

The algorithms check various on-site and off-site factors to decide which sites are related to your search. All relevant sites are added to a list and rank by prominence. Referring to the same on and off-site factors, the algorithm determines which sites, best answer your query, and these are listed in order on Google search results.

By using SEO services you can influence your website’s relevancy, prominence, and link popularity. If all of the correct areas and factors on your website are optimised then your website will show higher in more search results.

Google often releases new updates which change the most important ranking factors. As a website owner, you should be constantly aware of any Google updates, how to prepare for them and how they might affect your traffic.

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