Value for money is what most people are looking for in anything these days and the questions our digital marketing aficionados often get asked are “what’s the point of SEO?” and “am I going to get my money’s worth?”.

The question to the latter is of course, however, it depends how much work you put in! As with anything worth having in life, the likelihood is that the more effort you put into something, the more likely it is that you are going to reap the rewards. This article will look at those two questions in more detail and provide you with a better understanding of the answers to those questions.


“What’s the point of SEO?”

Search Engine Optimisation is about producing a website that is designed in a way to make the experience for consumers and search engines the best possible. Google still has a monopoly on the search engine market, with a market share of over 70% so it is crucial to have the search engine powerhouse at the heart of your SEO strategy (you do not want to completely disregard Baidu and Bing as they have 10% market share globally.

There are very few people that can understand and predict Google’s algorithm that it uses to rank and display search results, as soon as we start to figure it out, they change it again. But experts are able to make predictions and have hands-on experience of what it takes to rank higher on a search engine.


Benefits of Page 1 Results

The top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33% of the traffic, compared to 18% for the second position, and the traffic only reduces from there so there is clear evidence as to the “point of SEO”. SEO gets you seen, gets you clicks and hopefully subsequently sales as well.

If your business is more visible in search results you are creating inbound marketing leads without the high costs involved in PPC advertising, affiliate marketing and traditional offline methods as well. There are costs involved of course but these are often much lower than those above.


“Am I going to get my money’s worth?”

SEO is a process, there is more to it than flicking a switch and simply “turning on” your SEO, you need to be working on it from the outset of creating your website. There is SEO involved in the layout of your website and how your pages link together, there is SEO in the words that you use on your website as well as the videos and images that you use. You can also help SEO with the updates that you make on your website, the reviews that people leave you, the relevancy of your content to the search terms and more. There are little tweaks and efforts that can be done even daily to improve your rankings so when we stated above, the value depends on how much you put in, this is more than a cliché.


Getting your SEO plan started to begin adding value to your business

SEO experts keep up to date with Google’s algorithms and changes to its ranking systems to help support clients to attract the right type of inbound leads, increase conversions and help you find the real value for money for your investment. Speak to Sierra Six’s experts today to help plan your value. 

Rachel Downes, Publisher, Sierra Six Media.