Why is branding important?

Your brand is what people say about you, behind your back. Let Sierra Six Media make it a great conversation for you.

Branding is a way to distinguish yourself amongst the competition; an outlet to showcase your brand values, personality and tone. It’s the first thing customers see when they visit your website or see your stand at an expo.

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Digital Branding Agency in Essex

If you’re new to marketing your online business, one of the main challenges is knowing what you should focus on to make your efforts as effective as possible.

Let’s sit down and put pen to paper with our branding brief. Here we will discuss colours, style, tone, competition and marketplace.

Including watermarks, display network banners, stationary plus more.

Show us some of your inspiration and we'll go away and design that dream logo you didn't even know existed, until now.

When it comes to brand- display marketing, visuals are key. Lean on our experienced team to design stylised display adverts that not only look the part, but convert too.

Delivery forms, return forms, surveys, invoices and audits - documents come in all shapes and sizes but your branding needs to remain the same.

First Impressions count, make it a good one. You won't get a template from us just a sleek card you'll be confident to share.

Did you know

Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%.

Did you know?

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 33%.

Did you know?

81% of consumers said that they need to be able to trust the brand in order to buy from them

Our Branding Services in more detail

Brand Consultation

Sometimes you take a step back and realise that your brand is not representative of who you are anymore, it looks outdated and competition is looking newer and fresher. Maybe it’s time for a complete rebrand.

We understand that your brand is your reputation, it’s much more than a few designs for a logo and letterhead. Your brand is the reason people choose to place trust in your business. So we will help you build on your existing brand or start branding from scratch to ensure you are telling your story to your audience.

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Brand Builder

In the process of building your brand, we generate awareness and promote your company through digital advertising campaigns such as remarketing banners. Bringing consumers closer to your brand, after all, a brand is defined by customers’ perception of your business.

Logo Design

Is the art of a creating a visually stunning logo for your company just too stressful? Don’t worry we’ll handle it, just tell us some of your inspiration and we’ll design a dream logo for you.
Logos are a key part of brand identity, its the thing we remember most about every company we see – I bet you could draw the Mcdonalds logo without even looking at it… Thats what we all want for our companies so we’ll create a logo for you to build your brand recognition so people will remember you.

Sierra Six Media. Specialist Digital Marketing and SEO Agency In Essex Sierra Six Media SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Essex.
Branding specialists. Sierra Six Media SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Essex.

Remarketing Banners

We design stylised banners that not only look the part but convert too. These will be advertised across the web to consumers who have previously visited your site. popping up at the side of Youtube videos and news articles, keeping your brand at the front of their mind and enticing them to revisit your site.

Headed Documents

Consistency is key. If you tell us a little about your inspiration we’ll create a document header design to use across all paper that you send out, from delivery forms, return forms, surveys, invoices, and audits – so that your branding always remains the same.

Business Cards

First Impressions count, make it a good one. We’ll use your logo and brand colours to create a sleek, modern card design. A good business card will often be shared around and rarely gets discarded, meaning they will be effective months later.


"Wouldn't hesitate to use them again, highly recommend."


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Digital Branding Company Resources

From client success

Welch Instrumentation is run by a self employed engineer within the oil and gas / life sciences sector. Speciality in the maintenance of oil pressure filters / valves. A young player in the field, who has 13 years experience and positions himself as someone fresh in the industry, but with traditional values.

From our client success

Lemon are workplace solutions providers, who are experts in supplying everything you will need for your business, corporate event or facility. Specialising in personalised branding, personal safety supplies and office products. They came to us for a re-branding project.

From our client success

After nearly 4 years of rocking the S6 name with a circle, we decided to revamp our look, opting for a monochrome finish with our signature pink full stop, keeping some of our traditional image. We've also added another font type to our brand identity and incorporated our core value with a tagline.