Calling all business owners! It has finally happened! Google Analytics as we all knew it has changed forever. Goodbye UA, Hello GA4! Universal analytics is no longer collecting any website data and after 6 months all your historic data will no longer be available! Not sure how to set up your GA4 or are looking for more insight into how you could use this new analytics software to your advantage? Why not attend one of our GA4 training days?

Our clients are with thanks to our amazing team and our highly successful GA4 training day! We were joined by a number of our amazing clients for a day full of all things GA4.

What Did We Cover?

The Sierra Six GA4 Training Day is designed with clients in mind and in this particular instance we were delighted to be joined by a number of our amazing e-commerce clients. We spent the day going over the differences between UA and GA4, learning new terminology and understanding the new layout to ensure that our clients are ready for the switch. We covered everything from the reason GA4 is changing, the impacts of cookie removal on data collection and the impact this will now have on reports and data available to them.

Luigi talking to clients at GA4 training

Don’t Let Your Business Fall Behind When It Comes To GA4

Google Analytics has officially changed and Universal Analytics is now a thing of the past. Making the transition to GA4 is essential so that you do not lose any of your historical data. Our training day is designed to help you understand what the changes mean for your business and how to prepare not only yourself but your team for the smoothest transition possible. Learn how to use GA4 to track user behaviour, analyse data, create reports and so much more.

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