Alt text is a game-changer for SEO, and it’s not just another element – Google has explicitly acknowledged its impact on rankings. In the era of rising visual searches, providing descriptive alt text for web crawlers is more critical than ever.

To elevate your alt text game and streamline the process, a strategic approach is essential. This strategy not only enhances the effectiveness of your alt text but also automates and simplifies the process, freeing up time for more strategic tasks.

Strategic Alt Text Prioritisation:

    • Begin by adding alt text to images on your most-visited pages.
    • Consider using AI tools like to bulk-update alt text efficiently.

Make Alt Text a Routine:

    • Incorporate alt text into your regular image uploading workflow.
    • Utilise alt text checklists or plugins for automation.
    • Explore for seamless integration with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Contentful, and Hygraph.

Contextual Alt Text for SEO

    • Go beyond generic descriptions.
    • Infuse alt text with specific details related to your Essex-based business.
    • Integrate relevant keywords seamlessly.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

    • Include keywords judiciously and maintain grammatical accuracy.
    • Choose a natural flow for keywords within the alt text.
    • ensures a balance between SEO keywords and coherent, non-spammy descriptions.

Ditch Basic Alt Text Formulas:

    • Opt for unique alt text structures.
    • Combine distinctive details with essential product data.
    • AI tools can automatically detect and include features visible in product photos.

Balance Perfection and Efficiency:

    • Alt text is crucial; even basic alt text is better than none.
    • Address accessibility concerns and potential SEO drawbacks by dedicating time to alt text updates.
    • Consider for efficient and quality alt-text generation.

Transcribe Important Text:

    • Include important text from images into alt text for Google to read.
    • Ensure that vital keywords are accessible and contribute to page ranking.

Evolve with SEO Trends:

    • Regularly evaluate and adapt alt text to align with evolving SEO strategies.
    • Utilise AI alt text generators for efficient updates based on new keywords.

Now, armed with these tailored strategies and tools, embark on a journey to optimise your website with SEO-friendly alt text. Every little effort counts, especially in the competitive SEO landscape of Essex.

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