The Digital Skills Gap Report suggests that women perform 11% better than men when it comes to digital planning, strategy, reporting and SEO for mobile.

Google grades performance of accounts, managed by women, at 19% higher.

The Grader is tool that benchmarks the health/achievement of your AdWords account in a comprehensive way. It analyses dozens of objective metrics in your account, like Click-through Rates, Conversion Rates, Quality Scores, account activity, and use of best practices like conversion tracking and negative keywords.

why to invest in female led agencies

Source: Wordstream

Why to consider this when choosing an agency..

  1. We want to gain market share
  2. We want to become leaders within the industry
  3. We want to be seen as mentors to other young women trying to get into the market.
  4. We have to work harder to get somewhere. A study by the Digital Marketing Institute suggests that women are 21% more undervalued than men in the digital sector.

All of this equates to a LOT of energy amongst female-led digital teams. With our renowned assertiveness, directness and attention to detail, women in digital have the power to really drive change in your online strategy. We need excellent client results to prove ourselves in the industry and that’s good news for any business choosing to invest.

My business, Sierra Six Media, has just hit a benchmark in business – we have driven over 1,000,000 website users to our client in just 3 months. The figures are unbelievable. Revenue is up 216%. Results speak volumes.
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If you’re a female in digital, check out the tips below on how to build your career

  1. Search For an Inspiration Leader
    Some inspiration is always helpful and guiding. Women need to find a leader, a mentor to look forward for knowledge. It will bring more confidence in them, and help make better career decisions, and make the most of opportunities. Treat your work as your career, not merely as a job vacancy you see every other day!
  2. Be Unashamedly Confident
    Kathy Rae Huffman, CEO of Huffman thinks that women need to demonstrate confidence and a sense of self worth. She says, “Have confidence in yourself – and when you have your moments of doubt, as everyone does, keep it behind closed doors. If you want something – be it a speaking slot or a specific client or a raise at your agency – go after it. Don’t wait for life to hand you things because you’ll be standing around with empty hands. And never, ever let someone else’s opinion of you or treatment of you determine your own self worth or where you can go.”
  3. Never Stop Learning
    Mary Mattar, Internet Marketing Manager of Webpage FX highlights the importance of continuous learning to keep your knowledge up to date. She says, “The best thing you can do is continue to read books and articles, stay on top of this ever-evolving industry (because it changes A LOT!) and hone your technical skills. There are tons of great resources you can use to your advantage.”

Let’s change the industry’s perception, let’s change our perception. Because women are strong and powerful and capable digital marketers. It would be nice to see more of them in leadership roles.

The Final Words

As a marketer, I want to empower women in the digital marketing field to walk that extra mile and prove their dedication, knowledge, and how they can be better at something when they have the passion, experience, and talent!


Jade Bartholomew, Director, Sierra Six Media
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