Ecommerce SEO

Digital marketing strategy for a global e-commerce brand. SEO focused.


Page Views

Page Views increased by 71% over an 8 week period, compared to the previous year.


SERP Positions

The website ranking improved by over 90 positions for 11 keywords, and 50 positions for 54 keywords!


Website Users

Website users increased by 210% over an 8 week period, compared to the previous year.


Organic Traffic

Organic traffic driven to the website by SEO increased by 61% over just 8 weeks!


Young Soles - luxury children’s footwear brand

Ecommerce SEO case study: We were challenged to improve organic sales for Young Soles amidst the launch of their capsule collection featuring Snoopy, but to drive traffic & increase sales for other products

To increase keyword positioning

Updating website content to focus on keywords and search terms, and improving the overall usability of the website.

To increase conversion rate

Using SEO to drive traffic to the website and create a quick & easy user experience with the website design.

To drive up user engagement

By aligning the brand with affinity audiences and positioning their collection alongside other modern luxury brands on page 1 of Google.

Competitor Analysis

We analysed the clients biggest compeietors for their organic keywords, to keep ahead of competition.


Project highlights

This project came with challenge after challenge, but our team worked hard to resolve all issues and get the website ranking for their keywords and improve organic traffic.


Sales Revenue

Sales Revenue across all products increased by 135% over just 8 weeks!



Average order value increased by 13.2% over 8 weeks, we didn't expect a huge increase here as the products are prcied fairly high.


Conversion Rate

Conversion rate increased by 22% over an 8 week period compared to the previous year.



Sessions increased by 221%, with avg session duration increasing by 17.8%,

"The campaign was incredibly successful with a strong multi-platform digital presence"


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